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Floating Suctions

Floating suctions are composed of articulated piping used to drain the liquid from tanks. They are used in applications such as the control of liquid levels, leak prevention and in the separation of residues from products, thus guaranteeing products purity such as aviation kerosene, as an example.
REDLANDS’ floating suctions have been specially designed to be used in tanks for storing liquid products, where no contamination and/or impurities are allowed during the transfer procedure (e.g. aviation kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc.). Through detailed engineering, the basic principal is for the collection of product to be from a specific location in the product column, usually the top, as impurities tend to sink to the bottom of the tank. Available in several diameters, they are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel featuring one, two, or three lengths according to the tank size and type.


Through pipes interconnected with swivel joints and supported by floats fixed on the upper section , liquid withdrawal is always close to the maximum volume available and/or at a predetermined level. 




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