Redlands drip collectors are designed to be easily attached to the loading arms via a manual clamp.  This accessory collects the product that remain in the drop pipe of the arm after operation, prevents soil contamination and keeps the terminal free from losses. Can be built in aluminum for the hydrocarbon family and stainless steel for chemicals, with 3 or 4 inch gauge.








The Redlands deflector is an accessory installed at the end of the drop tube of the loading arm, whose function is to disperse the product being transferred to the truck compartment. This dispersion prevents the erosion of a localized point in the tank and minimizes the formation of electrostatic charges, due to its ability to reduce the friction of the product with the tank plate. It can be built in 3 or 4 inches, with NPT thread or weld fitting, aluminum for the hydrocarbon family and stainless steel for chemicals.








The top loading optic overfill prevention system developed by Redlands, provides greater safety and control over tank truck loading, avoiding spills and soil contamination, and product loss.  It is a secondary safety system, that is, its activation occurs in a possible failure of the primary measurement and control system or operator failure.  The system is attached to arm by means of a manual clamp directly on the drop tube of the arm, which provides a quick and easy adjustment to the desired height of the sensor during operation.








The loading arms can be supplied with vertical or horizontal position sensors which, when connected to a PLC, can inhibit the loading operation if the arm is not in the correct position to load.  We can also provide only the supports should the customer want  to install the sensor of their choice.








The telescopic locking device is a mechanical safety accessory, used to lock the top loading loading arm in the filling / operating position. This device avoids sudden movement of the arm at the beginning of the operation, due to the excessive flow that can occur with the first opening of the valve until the flow stabilizes. The telescopic lock can also be used when the terminal does not require in person monitoring of each compartment during filling, allowing the operation and handling of several arms by the same operator.








The CVS valve is installed in bottom loading arms between the final swivel joint and the API coupler. Its operation is automatic, opening only after activation of the pump and / or activation of the authorization valve. The valve opens at pressures above 40kPa (5.8psi). Aluminum body with stainless steel internals and viton seals.



  • Allows maintenance of the coupler without draining product from the whole arm ;
  • Prevents product theft from the loading arm;
  • Reduces the possibility of cross contamination;
  • Ends with 4 ”TTMA flanges (Industry Standard);