Woodfield loading arms can be operated manually, hydraulically
by lever or electro-hydraulically, the latter or by a command or control panel


The marine arms are composed of a pedestal, inner arm and outer arm, and are
manufactured from 6 ”to 24”, depending on the customer’s needs. These arms are based on a
pantographic system, operated totally in balance. At the end of the outer arm there is
a triple swivel joint (TSA) that ensures that the flange on the connecting arm to the ship is
always parallel to the ship’s flange. Connection to the ship can be made in three ways:
– standard flange
– manual coupler
– hydraulic coupler


Woodfield also offers emergency release systems where, in case the ship
accidentally moves away from the pier, the trip is triggered, releasing the ship and preventing the arm to
be taken to the sea.



Video - Marine Loading Arms