With highly qualified maintenance technicians, with more than 18 years of experience in the field, the technical assistance promptly answers urgent calls from its customers, thus minimizing their expenses in terms of loss of products and stopped production.


The technical assistance division also offers a complete mechanical workshop located in a great strategic point in the State of São Paulo, in Osasco. In this workshop, the company has a full stock of spare parts, a measuring measure certified by INMETRO and the painting sector, to provide its customers with overhaul services in Flow Meters, Loading Arms, Swivel Joints, Production Controllers and Stairs Pantographic.


For companies that under no circumstances can stop their production due to technical problems in their equipment, Redlands offers an efficient Preventive Maintenance Contract, for a small investment. In this way, your customers can prevent line interruptions and avoid high losses.





The contract will be made according to the quantity, specifications and type of application of the equipment that the contracting company wants to involve in the maintenance process. Therefore, before the contract is signed, it will be necessary to visit the contractor’s maintenance technicians, to the location where the contractor’s equipment is located, to take notes on such equipment.


Note taking can also be done by filling in the list of covered equipment which can be purchased by email or fax.



The specifications of the work performed in the maintenance, such as procedures taken, parts to be changed periodically, visit schedule, etc., will be determined according to the model, application of the equipment and the contractor’s need. For example, it is understood as preventive maintenance on a Flow Meter model 1450-20-AF that works daily with oil, that, every 6 months, the equipment must be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, changing the necessary parts, assembled and calibrated.


The period of frequency of visits can be changed to meet the needs of the contractor, with regard to the company’s Quality Policy. For example, if the Quality Policy of the contracting company says that; measurements on flow meters must be carried out every 3 months, then the contracted company will have to change the period of visits from 6 to 3 months in the Maintenance Contract, conforming to the contracting company’s rules.



The visit of the maintenance technicians to take data on the equipment and pre-prepare the Maintenance Contract will be scheduled according to the availability of the contracting company, and will not entail any type of commitment between the two companies.


We would be happy to answer any other questions regarding this contract proposal, through a visit by the commercial to your company (scheduled according to your availability) or a simple phone call, email, etc.